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How to Review Your Raffle

This guide will outline how to review your raffle prior to requesting activation.

Step 1/ Select the raffle you would like to activate and then click the "Edit Raffle" button under the banner image.
  • An additional guide on how to edit your raffle is linked here.

Step 2/ Ensure the raffle description and rules have been entered.
  • Make sure the rules list the correct dates, prizes and ticket prices.
  • An example raffle rules template can be found here.
  • Depending on the region, your raffle policies may vary from the sample rules above.
    • For reference, you can check out our Live Raffles Page to see how other organizations in your province have listed their rules: Rafflebox - Live Raffle.

Step 3/ Enter your licence number and upload a copy of your licence (if applicable) by following the guide here.


Step 4/ Ensure the Ticket Sales Start, Ticket Sales End and Draw Date are set correctly and match what is listed on your licence.

  • After the set Ticket Sales End date and time, the prizes will be available for selection.


Step 5/ Confirm ticket packages have been entered correctly in the "Ticket Packages" tab.

  • Make sure the ticket packages match what is stipulated in the licence (if applicable).
    • If ticket packages are not listed on the licence, ensure what is entered matches the ticket packages listed in the rules.
  • Make sure the limits are set for each package (if stipulated on the licence).


Step 6/ Add the Maximum Total Sales amount to the "Advanced" tab (if applicable).

Step 7/ Confirm Prizes have been configured correctly in the "Prizes & Winner" section.

  • By default all events have a Grand Prize that will be available for selection after ticket sales have ended. 
    • The guide for how to pick a winner can be found here.
  • If your raffle has an early bird prize, ensure the correct date and time is set.
    • Additional and early bird prizes can be added by selecting "Create Prize".
      • If the prize is an early bird prize, toggle on "This is an early bird prize" and then enter the ticket sales cut off date and time for the prize.
        • This early bird prize will be available for selection after the set date and time has been reached.


Step 8/ When there are no further changes, you are ready to request activation! (See image).