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How to Generate an Email Example for Licensing

If your organization requires an example ticket for your license application, or would simply like to see what a ticket purchaser will see, you can generate a test ticket purchase from within the dashboard.

  1. Login to the Rafflebox dashboard (https://dashboard.rafflebox.ca/

  2. Click the Raffles tab on the left hand side of the dashboard, and click the raffle you wish to send an example from


  3. Click "Edit" within the raffle, then select the "Email" tab from the pop up window

    • Contact info for raffle inquiries (SK Only)
    • Responsible Gambling Links/Phone Number (ONT Only) ConnexOntario problem gambling service phone line: (1-866-531-2600) ConnexOntario problem gambling website: www.connexontario.caFrom here you can edit the text shown on purchased ticket emails. A detailed breakdown of provincial requirements and the appearance of these edits are shown below:

      Information to Include in Email Header

      • Organization Name - Address
      • Series Ticket Breakdown (Max number of tickets available SK,AB)
      • Prize Description and Value
      • Draw Date (System Generated)
      • Draw Location (Include Draw Time here for ONT and SK) (Include full address for AB)
      • Contact info to claim prize (SK Only)
      • Age Limit Message (Must be 18 years of age or older to purchase) AB only

      Information to Include in Email Footer



    TICKET_PURCHASER Thank you for your support.


    Order Number:7A76B9

    Order Date:July 23, 2021

    Order Time:05:59:52 PM

    Amount Paid:$70.00

    Number of Tickets:10




    The draw LICENSE_NUMBER will take place on DRAW_DATE at the DRAW_LOCATION. The winner will be contacted by the ORGANIZATION_NAME to claim their prize!

    Your ticket numbers are below.





  5. Note that the bolded text in the above example are system generated details, and not editable. The EMAIL TICKET HEADER and EMAIL TICKET FOOTER are the fields where you can add the provincial requirements and any other details you wish to display on tickets.

  6. Click the "Orders" tab, and click "Send Test Email"


  7. In the pop-up window that appears, enter the email address you wish to send an example ticket to, and click "Ok"


  8. You will receive an example ticket to your entered email. If you require a PDF copy of this ticket, you can press CTRL+P, and print to PDF.