What is In Support of?

An explanation of Rafflebox's "In Support of" feature

Check out the video below!

One of Rafflebox's most popular features, "In Support of" allows an organization to display a drop-down menu on their raffle page, displaying a list of names for purchasers to choose from. Sales placed "In Support of" these individuals are recorded, allowing an organization to track sales per member. Just a few benefits of this feature are listed below!

  • Promote your event with your team: if the members in your list provide email addresses, each member will receive a unique link to your raffle, which they can share on social media, or with friends and family. These unique links will default the In Support of selection to that member. For example, if the link to your event page is https://www.rafflebox.ca/raffle/hockeyraffle, and the first member in your list is Nancy Raffle, their link would be https://www.rafflebox.ca/raffle/hockeyraffle/1, and the page would appear as shown below:

  • Create some competition: Rafflebox can display a leaderboard on your event page, titled "Top Fundraisers". This will allow you to track your most successful fundraisers, and get your team motivated.

  • Get creative: not a sports team, or don't like the title of "In Support of"? Rafflebox can change the verbiage that's displayed, and you can list any names, locations, branches, or classrooms that you'd like!