Device Troubleshooting

Use this guide to troubleshoot the PAX A920 Devices

Before proceeding any further, please reboot the device as your first step.

Reboot process

Hold power button on right side of terminal for 3 seconds and select 'Reboot'. This step can solve the majority of problems experienced. If you have already tried rebooting the device, and your problem(s) is persisting, please follow the troubleshooting guide below.


Network Related Troubleshooting

  1. Swipe down from the top of the terminal screen. You will see the following screen.
  2. Confirm if you are on Wi-Fi or running the terminal on data
  3. If Wi-Fi is having authentication issues (wrong network, wrong password, public Wi-Fi) there will be an exclamation point next to the signal.
  4. If your terminal is connected to the Wi-Fi and still experiencing issues, disable the Wi-Fi by clicking on the signal. This should turn grey and 4G should be displayed on the top of the device.
    1. Note - When running your terminal on data, processing times will vary depending on the building material, environmental conditions (inclement weather weakening the signal)
  5. If you have a dedicated Wireless network setup for your event do the following
    1. Check with the local administrator of the network to confirm credentials and no network issues on their end.
    2. Disable the data - swipe down and click the 4G signal to disable the Data, and force the terminal to use Wi-Fi as the primary network source.

Payment Processing Issues - Contact Rafflebox In-Venue Support by emailing or


Device Troubleshooting

  1. Payment taking too long and gets timed out.
    1. Reboot device,
    2. Launch Rafflebox In-Venue App,
    3. Sign-in and select the elliptical (three dots)
    4. Select reprint ticket.
    5. On the device click "reprint" on the order displayed.
  2. Voiding a Ticket and receiving "Do not honor" message - The device you are attempting to void from is not the device used for the sale (Needs to be the same)
    1. Navigate to the Dashboard (mobile or on a computer)
    2. Select the Raffle Tab
    3. Choose your Active raffle
    4. Select the Orders tab
    5. Search for the Order Number located on the receipt.
    6. Shown will be the device the ticket was purchased from, the time of purchase, the order number, and payment method. Use as many information points as possible to confirm that the order you are voiding is the correct one.
    7. When you determine which machine was used for the void, follow the instructions for voiding a ticket on the terminals
  3. "No active events for your organization" - The event is not live, or the start time/date need to be adjusted.
    1. Navigate to the Dashboard (mobile or on a computer)
    2. Select the Raffle Tab
    3. Choose your raffle that should be live
    4. Select the activation button - this will send a request to our team to verify and activate OR if you have been given the ability to do this on your own, simply select 'Activate' when ready.
    5. If your Raffle is active and you are still receiving this message, then the date/time need to be addressed.
      1. Navigate to the Dashboard (mobile or on a computer)
      2. Select the Raffle Tab
      3. Choose your Active raffle
      4. Select the 'Edit Raffle' button
      5. On the right side of the window, scroll down until you see the 'Ticket Sales Start Date/Time"
      6. Verify or Adjust the time as needed.
    6. Once completed, navigate to the Rafflebox App on the device and select the Elliptical. Select Refresh App
    7. Your ticket packages should populate OR if there are multiple events running (Prize w/50-50) it will show the banners for the active events.
  4. If met with Error 403 - This is an unauthorized transaction and will require you to do the following:
    1. If not already, navigate/launch the Rafflebox App from the terminal
    2. Select the elliptical in the top right (three dots)
    3. Select 'Sign-out'
    4. Log back into the device using your Dashboard credentials
    5. Select the elliptical and select "reprint ticket"
    6. Select 'Reprint' on the order displayed
  5. If met with 'error code 710' - This is a payment processing issue, email In-Venue support at or
  6. Printer Error - Jam/Out of paper
    1. Open the printer door located at the top on the rear of the terminal
    2. Reset/Replace paper - If replacing paper, reference the image inside the printer paper bay, to make sure the direction is correct
    3. Close door
    4. Follow steps for reprinting a ticket


  1. Device not charging
    1. Check to make sure outlet is working
    2. Check that device is connected properly
    3. Inspect cable for damage/deterioration
  2. Device not Holding charge - Needs replacement battery if the following is confirmed and the device still doesn't hold the charge
    1. Outlet is working
    2. Charging cable shows no signs of deterioration
    3. Correctly connected to device
  3. Any major damage to Terminals
    1. Major damage that is present on terminals may be affecting the overall performance of the device. This would include cracked screens, if the terminal has been dropped, or if there are physical pieces of the machine missing/malfunctioning. Contact the invenue support department at and outline the steps you have taken.
    2. A support representative will work with you to get a new device provisioned and sent out to you.