How to Void an Order

The process for voiding (refunding) an order

1. Log In to the Rafflebox dashboard.

2. Select "Orders".

  • On desktop, select the ORDERS icon on the left hand panel (image below-left).
  • On mobile, select the menu in top right corner and then select Orders (image below-right).



3. Enter the ticket purchaser's full name, email or order ID number in the search bar.


4. If the order being searched is from more than 30 days ago, use the 'Advanced Search' to expand the search dates to the applicable time line. Select 'Apply'.


5. When the order which you wish to void has been found, select 'Show Details'.


6. Select 'Void Order'


The site will ask you to confirm the void before proceeding. Once a transaction has been void, it cannot be reversed.

7. Any transactions that have been voided can still be found through the search bar, and will also indicate that it has been voided.