How to Maintain Your Shortlink

A shortlink refers to the custom URL for your raffle page. Organizations hosting recurring raffles will need to maintain their shortlink in order to direct users to the correct page. The process is explained below.

1. When copying an existing raffle, the shortlink will copy over from the original raffle.


2. Since shortlinks need to be unique, you will need to increment it by adding a number to the shortlink


3. After the copy raffle is complete, and the original raffle has ended, edit the original raffle's shortlink by navigating to the raffle page and clicking Edit

Sales Tab Remove 7

4. Within the edit raffle window, add a number to the end of the original shortlink to reflect which raffle it was (e.g. add a 1 to the original raffle to indicate that it was the first in the series). Click OK to save it.


5. Navigate back to the raffle you've just created, and edit it in the same manner as above, this time removing any numbers from the shortlink. Again, click OK to save your changes


With those changes made, your newly copied raffle will show as, instead of

Repeat the above steps any time you copy a raffle. This will maintain the accuracy of your shortlink.