How to Enter a Cash Sale

Instructions on manually entering an order into your dashboard.

1. Login to the Rafflebox dashboard and select the "Raffles".

  • On desktop, select the RAFFLES icon on the left hand panel (image below-left).
  • On mobile, select the menu in top right corner and then select Raffles (image below-right).


2. Select the active raffle you wish to make a cash sale for.


3. Click on Create Order.


4. You will be presented with a pop up window, and you will need to populate the order and customer details. Start by selecting the desired ticket package, the number of packages for the order, and set the Order Type and Order Source to whatever is relevant for the transaction.

5. Next, enter the customer's information, and click "OK" when finished. The orders page will refresh and the cash sale will now be in the system.

To have tickets emailed to the customer after entering, ensure that you include their email address as well.