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How to Authorize and Pay an Invoice

  1. Login into the Dashboard https://dashboard.rafflebox.ca/
  2. On the top right-hand side of the site, click your Name, and Account

  3. Under the Invoices menu, please locate the invoice that requires Validation. If you have multiple, please use our search feature and type in the Invoice number in from the email received.


  4. On the right side of the row, click the expansion button to toggle details of your invoice


  5. The below screen will appear with a timestamp and user log for who validated the invoice. Press the “Authorize” button.


  6. Once you Authorize the Invoice, a timestamp will be generated and display the account that actioned this item.


  7. Once the Authorization is completed, a pop up window should appear that pre-populates the payable amount from your Invoice. Once you click “OK” this will Debit from your Stripe account and your invoice is paid.