AGCO Eligibility Guide

This article will go over what is required for you to apply for and obtain your eligibility certificate from the AGCO. Before applying you should make sure you have digital copies of the following documents for your organization

  • A list of all Board of Director members. (list position and get signature if possible)
  • A list of all Bona Fide Organization members.
  • Charitable Constituting Documents (example – letters patent, constitution, or memorandum of association)
  • Financial statements for the past fiscal year.
  • Signatures of the applicant and two principals will also be required, and a file is provided by AGCO during the application that must be used.
  • Before continuing with the application process please make sure you have all the above at hand.

Step 1 – Once you have signed up for you iAGCO account at log in and select Start a New Application.

Step 2 – Check off Charitable Gaming Lottery Licences.

Step 3 – Select Charitable Gaming Eligability from the dropdown menu.

Step 4 – Select your organizations type from the Applicant Type dropdown (Non- Profit or Association are the most common)

Step 5 – Answer all of the Charitable Organization questions on the following page. Typically, the answer is yes to all the following questions. If the answer is No the licencing representative at the AGCO may have additional questions before issuing your eligibility certificate.

Step 6 – Upload the documentation to complete your licence. The required documents were listed at the top of this article. The signature documents required can be downloaded from the application form directly. Have the signees complete the signature and upload the file. You can save your application progress and return to the application at any time but it is best to complete the whole form to avoid any technical errors.

Step 7 – Move on to the raffle application process now that you have your eligibility application underway.